Latest Big Star Video

So here is the latest Big Star Video! This is a video I created for the Aptos High Junior Varsity Water Polo Team banquet. I shot video and stills using my Canon Xf300 for the video and my Canon 60d for the stills. I took a lot of video footage in slow motion mode which came out really nice in HD. I just had to use The New Radicals 1998 classic “You get what you give” for the music as it’s lyrics and driving upbeat, tempo are great for any sports video.

This is a promotional video I did for horse trainer Jec Ballou who lives in Santa Cruz and is a very respected Dressage trainer, clinician, and author. Check out the music video I put together with footage I shot using my Canon XF300, 60d and a 50 mm lens. You might recognize the tune but if not, it’s a classic from Three Dog Night circa 1970!

Jec Aristotle Ballou Dressage Principles for every equine athlete from Karl Tallman on Vimeo.

I invite you to check out one of Big Star’s latest projects. It is a five minute promotional video for Cabrillo Community College located here in Aptos, CA. This promotional video will soon be uploaded on the Cabrillo College website so that prospective students can get a quick overview and learn about Cabrillo College.

Please check out Big Star’s “Wedding Video Makeover” service. Did you or somebody close to you get married back in the days before digital video when they used VCR tape or Hi-8? Is your wedding video sitting in a drawer or closet somewhere collecting dust because you haven’t watched it in years? If this is the case then you should check out our “Wedding Video Makeover” Service. We’ll take your old linear wedding tape, convert it to digital, clean it up, color correct it, and create a three to five minute highlight reel of all the best parts of your wedding and then edit the footage to your favorite song. We’ll throw in some snazzy effects and graphics and you’ll get a brand new video of your wedding day that will be extremely watchable and you can upload it to your website, Facebook page or YouTube. In addition, it will make a great anniversary gift or present.

Check out this “Wedding Video Makeover” I put together for a couple who got married way back in 1998 when analog VCR tape was still king! I took a two and a half hour linear VCR tape and put together this three minute highlight reel to Nat King Cole’s classic L-O-V-E song.